Integrated Solutions

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Integrated Solutions

With a clear view of your entire enterprise network—applications, infrastructure, security and processes—your support teams can finally see the big picture and begin to address problem and incident management from end-to-end.

When you need new strategies for delivering services, controlling costs and/or increasing performance, our Integrated Solutions practice is ready to partner with you, in these areas:

Dynamic IT Infrastructure

A dynamic IT Infrastructure quickly adjusts to the changing needs of business. For today's legacy data centers, reaching that goal typically begins by building on new delivery models such as virtualization and Cloud computing. At Mavoni, our virtual maturity model helps you understand where you are on this journey, as you transition out of expensive legacy environments and into virtualized environments that let you allocate technology resources on the fly.

Test Environment Management

Our Integrated Solutions team pairs testing environment managment with actual testing services delivered on your applications. By teaming our testing experts with a worldwide network of vertical industry specialists, consulting professionals, and technology experts, we solve your problems from a uniquely informed perspective.

Data Center Solutions

We bring a fresh perspective to corporate data centers. First, we help you protect your investments while rapidly implementing new technologies to meet business goals. In addition, our integrated teams view your IT operations within the context of your business as a whole. With years of operational experience running our own global data centers, we see the links that connect business processes, data center and infrastructure.