Our Philosophy

At Mavoni, we relish the opportunity to tackle complex projects in challenging environments.

Local Insights - Global Solutions

Mavoni is a pan-African ICT company with intimate knowledge and local insight on business challenges. Through our global off-shore delivery centre based in Bangalore, India, we are able to bring global solutions to problems and share best practice with our customers.

A Passion for Problem Solving

At Mavoni we relish the opportunity to tackle complex projects in challenging environments. Our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers and business domain specialists are able to offer innovative solutions to various key vertical industries with a particular focus on telecommunications, financial services, retail, logistics and public sector.

Our Approach

Our projects have a maximum timeline of 6 - 9 months. Project managers are all strong technology specialists with business knowledge. Testing is done right through the development life-cycle.
Each phase delivers real business functionality and business benefit. This will ensure successful delivery of projects within time and budget limits. This limit risk of projects not delivering to exact requirements.
Larger projects are divided into development cycles/phases that can fit into this timeline. Business specialists are involved in requirements definition, quality assurance and project sign-off. Development cycle is incremental and based on rapid and agile methodologies
Shorter cycles allow customers to decide when to commit to the next phase and enable them to limit losses All sign-off and approvals on business functionality remains the sole prerogative of business specialists and not influenced by technologists. business and technology specialists sit in an open plan environment to encourage close interaction.
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