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Experience the Internet Evolution.

Executive Summary

Ready or not, Web 2.0 is here. This evolving model is destined to transform today's Internet into a more participatory, collaborative environment.

What application technologies are framing this movement? What platform enhancements best manage the emerging product mix? How do you effectively test new applications to ensure Web 2.0 compatibility?

For answers, turn to the experts who are shaping Web 2.0 for the benefit of enterprises like yours Mavoni Technologies.

From Application Design to Deployment

You already know Mavoni as a leader in IT and product outsourcing. Now we have an established Web 2.0 competency center, combining our insights on online business models with unrivaled technology prowess all supported by industry best practices and tools.

Mavoni has the experience and the expertise to help you design innovative new solutions, optimize your user experience, automate testing strategies and improve your competitiveness in a Web 2.0 world.

Key Web 2.0 Engineering Solutions

Architecting. Got It.

Proven strategies and methodologies are the basis for how Mavoni designs and architects Web 2.0 solutions, thereby ensuring sound Web 2.0 designs in this complex internet environment. And our solution incorporates leading integrated development environments with other productivity tools for unit testing, code coverage, standards compliance, build, debugging and profiling.

Enabling. Got It.

Our real-time delivery model, solutions infrastructure and open-source stacks facilitate solution development. Our solution incorporates open source models and agile development methodologies; it combines various tools and processes in configuration management, build automation and continuous integration to facilitate concurrent and collaborative software development, shrinking time-tomarket.

User Experience Design. Got It.

Mavoni's proven automated testing strategies streamline the path from development to market acceptance. Quality Online, Mavoni's QA automation solution built with open source tools and a field-tested automation methodology, ensures wide regression coverage and quality for rapid release cycles and feature extensions.

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