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CoSign Digital Signatures Automated Business Processes at LimDev

Mavoni Technologies, a leading provider of enterprise IT solutions, has implemented CoSign a digital signature solution at Limpopo Economic Development Agency (LimDev). CoSign is developed by ARX (Algorithmic Research), a leading provider of digital signature (standard electronic signature) solutions. LimDev is a leading social & economic development enterprise, operating within the Limpopo province and providing financing for housing, mining, SMEs , transport and other investments within the province.

Like many organizations, LimDev wanted to reduce their paper-based workflow comprised of memos, loan agreements, purchase orders, and executive-level authorizations. Management within the organization decided that as a way to accelerate the time consuming business approval processes, Limdev's dependence on paper needed to be reduced. In order to eliminate the need to reintroduce paper into the workflow for signing purposes, LimDev required a digital signature solution. As it is a standards-based solution that is deployable out-of-the-box, LimDev decided to implement the CoSign digital signature solution.

"We were in search of a digital signature solution that would allow us to expedite inner-office communications and workflows, without demanding an expensive or time-consuming set up," said James Netshitomboni, IT Manager, LimDev. "CoSign allows us to integrate digital signatures with whatever manual or automated workflow and document management system that we implement in the future."

CoSign's implementation will allow LimDev to reduce their work processes from days to minutes, as office documentation will no longer require physical routing for signing purposes. In addition, the reduction in paper alleviates the resources LimDev needs to concentrate on document archival.

"CoSign not only provides strong digital signatures as required by LimDev, but also includes the application of hand-written, graphical signatures and out-of-the-box integration with PDF and Microsoft Office, which were all requirements for LimDev," said Tinyiko Valoyi, Mavoni Technologies's CEO.

About CoSign

The CoSign approach means digital signature standards and efficiencies across your operations. Signing and sealing documents with CoSign immediately expedites business processes, reduces costs, increases security and enables organizations to comply with diverse regional and industry regulations. CoSign works with all major applications and document formats including: Microsoft® Word, Excel®, Outlook®, Adobe® PDF, TIFF, AutoCAD®, InfoPath®, Lotus Forms, and many more). CoSign signatures are being used by hundreds of thousands of users in Enterprise, B2B and B2C processes, to learn why please see our white papers and product details on out website.

About ARX (Algorithm Research)

ARX has over 20 years of experience assisting life sciences, healthcare, government, engineering, manufacturing, banking, financial services, and commercial sectors to secure and streamline their business processes and transactions. ARX offers a range of highly scalable products designed to simplify, secure, and accelerate electronic business.

About Mavoni Technologies

Mavoni Technologies is an empowered information technology service provider focusing on the provision of enterprise IT solutions and outsourcing services to the corporate and public service sectors in South Africa. Mavoni's focus is in helping organizations to leverage technology to streamline their business processes, achieve productivity gains, lower their operational costs and ultimately win market share.

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